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The Accidental CEO: How Mark Pownall climbed up from newspaper editor to CEO of Business News WA-EP32

  • Ask Alyka

06 Mar 2018

Mark Pownall has been with Business News WA (the largest business media group in WA) for 18 years now and in that time he’s seen first hand the changes technology can bring to an industry.

Initially employed as a newspaper editor (yes, newspaper) he climbed the ladder and is now the CEO of Western Australia's leading business news service.

We talk to Mark about the following:

  • When you were offered the CEO position of Business News, what was your reaction?
  • You have worked your way up into your position now but what was your first ever job?
  • When you came into the role, what direction did you want to take with the company?
  • You have been with Business News for 18 years. What was it like then compared to now?
  • What advice would you give to your 20 year old self now if you knew that your 20 year old self wanted to be a CEO one day?
  • What are you most passionate about in your role?
  • What are you least passionate about?
  • What CEO’s do you respect most?

Listen to the podcast and if you have any questions - get in touch below.