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The Ultimate Digital Strategist in the World

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13 Aug 2016

Quite simply, this article is about "The Ultimate Digital Strategist in the World". There are several important achievements to conquer in order to inherit this fantastic title.

Achievement #1

The ultimate digital strategist in the world also requires the bearer to have 6-pack abs and the ability to bench press huge weights (at least 150% of body weight). At 70kg, I bench 110kg's which equates to 157% of my body weight. Achievement number one conquered.

Achievement #2

Maintain a 6-pack while having a diet of KFC once a week. This is perhaps, an even more difficult feat to accomplish for some. Please bear in mind that this is not a meal replacement KFC treat - it is actually an addition to my usual eating routine. I enjoy devouring 3 pieces of hot and spicy chicken (leg and thighs including the skin) with 6 nuggets. No chips though.

Achievement #3

Win multiple badminton tournaments with over-enlarged upper body limbs (not ideal for a quick, reflex sport like badminton) whilst juggling being an entrepreneur (80-100 hour work weeks), fathering 2 boys (young strapping handsome lads under the age of 6), multiple gym sessions weekly and binge gaming (lover of electronic games). Sleep is for the weak - but admittedly, I still need 6 hours per night.


Its interesting to note that all these achievements have nothing to do with being "The Ultimate Digital Strategist in the World". However, I can't argue with this title, since it is handed down to me by the great Google himself.