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What Happens When Google Comes to Visit? - Episode 13

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24 Oct 2017

Today's topic is really exciting, earlier this week Google paid us a visit to #AlykaHQ. We got a sneaky look into their new and most exciting digital marketing features. In this episode we’re telling you all about them and how you can use these features practically for your business.

Have a listen and see how we score each feature out of 10 in terms of how important we think they are to your business. Enjoy!

(01:11) Google My Business
(03:34) Content Creation
(05:30)YouTube Director
(07:41) Data
(10:35) Google Surveys

You can check out these google features in the links below.

Google My Business Listings
Listed GMB businesses can now post updates on their listing. Think about a menu change, special promotion etc.

Google My Business: Mobile Site
With Google My Business, you can create a simple website that looks great in under ten minutes. It’s completely free, and easy to create and edit from your computer and phone

Content Creation
New measurement and targeting in AdWords now allows targeting based on users searches, and the ability to follow video watchers in search. Brands will be asking for more of this targeting and measurement to be integrated into video campaigns

Data Analytics
The Google Analytics Suite combines enterprise analytics, tagging, site optimization, data visualization, market research, attribution, and audience management into a powerful measurement solution for your business

Data Google Surveys 
Consistent audience research typically reserved for very large companies alone. Google Surveys allow you deploy quick, up to ten question, surveys to gain market intelligence

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