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Why I don’t want to miss out on Voice Technology

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16 Jan 2018

I just bought a Google Home Mini and to my surprise…I absolutely love it. It’s cheap, it actually recognises my voice (Sorry Siri) and can do tons of cool things.
For $40+ you can literally make your home into a “smart home”. There’s the obvious things that it can do like answer your random questions and play music but it can also do things like:
  • Turn your TV and compatible house lights on and off
  • Play your favourite TV show on Netflix, Stan and others
  • Play the latest episode of the Ask Alyka Podcast ;)

Soon you will also be able to make phone calls from it, add tasks and reminders to your business calendar and control your kitchen appliances.

Now I know what you’re thinking...all of this is great for consumers, but what about business owners and marketing geeks? Well, this is where Voice SEO comes in.

Traditional SEO is your ranking position when a search query is performed on Google. For example imagine that you own a café and a potential coffee buyer types in “best cafés Perth” and your café is at the top of the results then yay, you will likely get a lot of people visiting your café.

However, as time goes on more and more people will be asking their voice activated devices “Hey Google – What is the best café near me?” And the first few cafés that are recommended by Google will win. This is a whole new concept and it is called “Voice SEO”.

So who can initially make the most out Voice SEO?

I think the retail and hospitality industry will need to pay close attention to Voice SEO the most. I can’t yet imagine people asking their devices “Hey Google – who is the best financial advisor near me?” but I can definitely imagine people asking their devices things like:
  • Hey Google, what is the best hairdresser near me?
  • Hey Google, where can I buy a new bike?
  • Hey Google, what’s the best Japanese restaurant near me?

Eventually though, I do see B2B businesses needing to hop onto the Voice SEO train and now is the prime to time to do it as we are in the early stages. Now it might seem ridiculous to ask your device out loud who the best accountant is, but don’t forget that once upon a time we thought it was ridiculous to jump into a stranger’s car to get a lift into the city.
Check out Episode 24 of our AskAlyka Podcast where I talk about Voice SEO. Or if you want some tips on how to actually get on top of the rankings for Voice SEO, contact me on
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