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Bidsketch: The proposal writing software that saved my life

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25 Aug 2014

I recently came across Bidsketch recently and it has changed my life. It cuts down my proposal writing time by about half which is massive when you write several a week.

The main features are summarised below:

No more copy and pasting

Instead of copy and pasting sections from previous proposals, Bidsketch keeps all your sections on the cloud. You can pick and choose sections as you please and overwrite section templates where required.

No more manually changing client names

One of the great things about Bidsketch is not having to "find" and "replace" the client name whenever you write a new proposal. The system is smart enough to update all references to the client name for you.

Click and drag sections

Bidksetch also allows you to click and drag sections around within the proposal. So if you want your "About Us" section below the "Awards and Achievements" section, then simply drag that section downwards with your mouse. 

Doing this manually took twice as long because of the errors associated with copying and pasting.


With multiple BDM's in the company, it is so easy for everyone to have their own proposal versions. As a result, consistency goes out the window. Bidsketch removes this problem by displaying consistent components that make up a proposal.

Live Tracking

When I used to send proposals by email I would never know if the client would receive them unless I enabled the dreaded (and annoying) "send and receive" function on my outlook.

Bidsketch notifies you by email whenever a user views your proposal without notifying the client. This is fantastic for the BDM follow up process.


Overall, Bidsketch is a life saver. I can enter a sales meeting with supreme confidence knowing that when I walk out of the room, I can easily and quickly send a proposal.

I highly recommend Bidsketch and you can find more details here.