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Client Referrals 101, Why, What and How to Make Them Rain - Episode 12

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17 Oct 2017

This week's episode is all about referrals. Why they’re important, what is the best way to receive them, what to do when you get one and how to ask for referrals.

Why are referrals important?

  • Having advocates for your business
  • How this relates to NPS
  • Highest likelihood of closing comes from direct referrals 
  • People trust people they know and trust
  • Referrals come with a level of responsibility - you owe to the person who referred the lead!

What is the best way to receive a referral?

  • Get a full brief from the referrer 
  • The more info you have in advance, the more informed and personalised your approach can be with your new lead
  • Get full details - phone number, email address, website etc. - so you have multiple ways to contact the person.
  • Ask the referrer to introduce the prospect to you over email and then subsequently contact the prospect yourself (don't just rely on them to contact you as they may not).

What to do when the referral isn't quite right

  • This happens sometimes and how you handle it is important
  • Be honest with the lead - that you'd love to help them but don't think you're the right person
  • Give them details or directions on how they can find the right person - be helpful
  • Tell your referrer asap - thank them for the lead but let them know why you couldn't follow it through
  • Honesty is best here!!

Asking for referrals

  • Referrals are really important for your business
  • Don't be afraid to ask for them
  • Let your existing clients/contacts know you'd welcome anyone looking for your services
  • Don't be shamelessly self-promo about it 
  • But always ask!!

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