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Meet Charlie Gunningham - entrepreneur, academic, musician and athlete - Episode 6

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04 Sep 2017

BOOM. What an episode! Beth and Zion chat with Charlie Gunningham - entrepreneur, academic, musician and athlete. He’s super passionate about Digital Disruption and has a mountain of credentials including:

  • UWA MBA degree (top of class)
  • Former EGM of REIWA
  • Former CEO of BusinessNews WA
  • Representative of Singapore cricket team
  • Founder of Damburst

Questions and Timestamps:

[4:05] How is Charlie not completely arrogant?
[8:32] How important is formal education when it comes to business?
[10:00] What change does formal education need?
[16:40] The start of
[19:20] The problem with the real estate listings market back in the day
[21:00] What problem should startup companies solve?
[22:25] It’s easy to buy things, but hard to sell things
[24:08] When everything clicked with
[27:18] Grow rich slowly
[28:40] Digital disruption in the taxi industry
[29:09] Change happens slowly
[30:00] Don’t ever stay comfortable
[30:28] Digital disruption in the newspaper industry
[30:50] What is digital disruption?
[32:42] What will happen when Amazon comes to Australia
[34:40] The death of TV in the next generation
[37:21] The future of self driving cars
[38:20] How do we use digital disruption for our own benefit
[43:00] How does Charlie transform businesses in this digital age?

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