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We have successfully AMP’d ourselves!

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14 Aug 2017

Ever clicked on an article from your phone and waited so long for it to load that you lost interest? We definitely have and that is why we want to tell you that...we have the answer.

Let us introduce you to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), a new project from Google and Twitter. It has been designed to make really, really fast mobile pages. How they work is similar to instant Facebook articles, AMP versions of pages are cached in Google so it can pre-load and pre-render the content allowing the pages to load instantly in the form of a pop-up article instead of a full HTML page on your site.

Let us blow your mind

  • 1 in 4 people abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load.
  • To put that into perspective, makes about $67 million in sales each day and are at risk of losing $1.6 billion due to a 1 second website lag. 
  • Australia's internet speeds are slower than 50 other nations including Thailand, Estonia, Bulgaria and Kenya which means...we seriously need to catch up!

So you can see why the introduction of AMP pages is going to set a whole new benchmark for mobile accessibility. In fact, these pages are already being utilized worldwide by all the major news outlets for their ability to get content out at lightning speed without any network latency. Plus, Google LOVES them so they are great for news articles, events and blog posts however there is already talk of them expanding into the eCommerce space.

Whether your website is new, old or being built, contact us to learn more about how we can AMP up your mobile pages to get you ahead of your competitors.