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Will Artificial Intelligence destroy humankind? How do we prepare for AI as a business? - Episode 4

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25 Aug 2017

In this episode of Ask Alyka we chat with Joseph Ong. He is a big shot data and artificial intelligence consultant for HortonWorks.

We have an intense conversation about the definition of AI, the future of AI and how to prepare for it as a business or employee.


  • What is definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? (0:38)
  • Practically, where is AI being used? (2:55)
  • Why are people like Elon Musk so worried about AI? Why is Mark Zuckerberg not worried? (7:52)
  • Are you worried about AI killing us? (i.e. Skynet)(12:18)
  • What kinds of jobs will AI take over? (19:38)
  • How does someone prepare for AI so that they don't get replaced? (28:41)
  • Practically, how can a local business use AI for their benefit? (35:12)

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