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Google Ranking: Why 10th position gets more love

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13 May 2016

Is your site ranking at the number 10 position on the first page of Google results? That’s pretty good but you’d like to be higher, right? Well according to the powers that be, it’s actually a lot better than you might think!

One of the senior search folks over at Google, Paul Haahr, let slip at SMX West that ranking at number 10 on Google results actually gets more clicks than positions eight and nine combined. However, the not so great news is that ranking 10th still doesn’t get anywhere near the number of clicks as number seven.

Time to put our learning hats on

It’s far from clear why number 10 gets the results it does - most observers have drawn to the conclusion that users just can’t be bothered clicking through to the second page of results, so number 10 gets a bit of extra attention.

The serial position effect could also hold some clues. This psychological effect is the propensity of a person to best recall the first and last items in a series or list, while largely forgetting the middle items.

The stronger recall of the first and last items is called the principles of primacy and recency. There has been a lot of application of these theories in a number of fields, particularly advertising. Being the last item on the results page suggests position 10 benefits from recency, but that doesn’t do much to explain the results from lucky number 7.

Of course, aiming for position 10 isn’t actionable as most people aren’t aiming for the lower ranks, but it makes for some interesting dinner party conversation. That is, if you go to the types of dinner parties our SEO team goes to!

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