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Website Trends for 2018

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18 Jan 2018

We’re at the start of another year already and you know what that means? Everyone is going to be looking for the next big thing when it comes to websites. Whether these innovations come from the front end design or in the back end with development, there’s some pretty impressive things being worked on at Alyka right now, here’s a sneak peak.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)
AMP’s were a huge trend that doesn’t plan on slowing down in 2017.
  • These pages provide a much improved mobile search experience
  • AMP’s are SEO friendly and are preferred by Google which is why Google gives a ranking boost to the AMP’s
  • They are 4x Faster and 8x less data compared to traditional mobile optimized pages

Progressive Web Apps
Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, progressive web apps are a mix of traditional app behaviors and web page behaviors. We will see a trend in upgrading the functionality of websites to include things like:
  • Push notifications,
  • Splash screens,
  • Offline modes and;
  • Animated page transitions.

Websites like Twitter, Washington Post, and Medium have already created progressive web apps, easily accessible with just one click.

Push Notifications
Mobile app notifications have been an effective means to engage users and now websites have adopted push notifications. The benefit of a push notification feature on your website will help users to stay in touch with every update, notifying them instantly.

The advantage of push notification is not a mystery, as it will engage more users without any extra effort. Push notifications will leave social media and emails behind in offering updated information in real time.

The size and shape of typography are as big of a concern in 2018 as they've ever been. This is because companies across the globe are incorporating bold fonts that make a statement into their home and landing pages:
  • By eliminating images and relying on expressive typography creates cleaner lines with more negative space — so logos and calls-to-action really pop on-page!
  • Gaudy buttons and clickable images are now out of fashion, even hero images are starting to give-way to vibrant, creative text-based designs.
  • Meaningful Scroll Triggered Animations / UI motion / Subtle Animation
  • Animations that are strategic and minimalist, designed for the purpose of increasing engagement and conversion.
  • The animation entices the user to keep scrolling, drawing them down the funnel to the conversion-point, while also educating them about the product.

Flat Designs have taken a Backseat
Animations and gifs are making a comeback thus we will be seeing more websites using animated elements in their design. Cinemagraphs, will continue to be big in design, as well. These high-quality gifs and videos are set to run on a loop, using your design to create movement on the page.

Micro Interaction
As user experience becomes more sophisticated, people need simple functions, more than ever. They want their information quickly on both their desktops and mobile devices.

Examples of micro-transactions include:
  • Drag refresh, which allows mobile users to pull down on your site to refresh it easily.
  • Like and unlike buttons, which give users a short, easy window in which to comment on your posts or features.
  • Hover animations, which display information about different sections of your site.
  • Scrolling graphs, which allow users to see whatever piece of information they want to look at right now, without taking up the entire screen.

Artificial Intelligence/Chatbots
Humans are getting more reliant on conversational AI’s, facial recognition technology, expert systems and embedded software automating routine office tasks. There is an ever-growing growing choice when it comes to of AI-powered website design solutions (which analyse content & build web pages around it) as well as AI-based SEO plugins (resulting in quality content and increased online visibility).

Security is the primary concern when we think about web design or development. When you think of your website design it’s crucial to make sure that the users information and security is not at risk. To do this you need to keep your pages security certificate up to date which increases your websites credibility.

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) uses technology to connect devices to the internet. In 2018, expect to see IoT interfaces on websites that allow you to interact with smart device

In summary, 2018 is shaping up to be a pretty interesting year. Our team is already working on sites that integrate some of the points above so get in touch with us to talk about your website today!